My thoughts, you could say
are as tangled as my hair
Tossed about by the wind
pushed and led by the air.

I can only describe my thoughts
with words that don’t exist
In my hands I hold them
clench them tightly with my fist.

I open my hands to find
only my skin; of words are bare
They must’ve escaped by my own folly
if they’ve gone I know not where.

Must get a grasp
my thoughts all a rush
If they’re as tangled as my hair
then I need a brush.



Before I knew you
places were just places
songs were just songs
words were just words.

Now I can’t just go somewhere
without seeing parts of you
or hear certain words
that you’ve said to me.

It’s like you’re everywhere
I could travel halfway across the country
and listen to a song
And completely break down

because in it
I hear you.