resolution 2.

2. Resolved, to fight with vigilance against all things that would jeopardize my pursuance of my Savior; no matter how innocent they pose.


take the world, but give me Jesus.


Oh, God. I come before you broken.
I do not like who it is I am becoming – a woman too concerned with the world. Too distracted by its enticing deceptions that once I partake in its joys, I’m left empty.
I’ve lost my desire to pursue you above all else. I seek to find satisfaction in things that can’t fill my God-shaped hole.
I pray you would show me your glory in contrast to my depravity. Your power, & my weakness. Your love, & my unfaithfulness.
I pray that you would reignite my passion for you, God. Allow me to taste and see that you are good.
Save me from my own desires. I’m allowing my joy & love for you to be surpassed by my passion for the things of this world. I’m letting it happen. I’m not fighting.
I’ve been losing this battle with sin for too long, Lord. Give me your strength to fight my daily battle against distraction. Help me see that only you can satisfy me & bring me joy. Give me the self-control to set these boundaries for myself & keep them.
Help me flee my sin.
Show me that I need to pursue only you.
Take the world, but give me Jesus.

1. Resolved, to never allow my love for worldly joys surpass my love for that which should always be my first love (Revelation 2:4) & joy; namely, to commune with my God & to spend time in his Word.

(Resolution 1 by Bailee Harris – inspired by the resolutions of Jonathan Edwards.

the end. {not a poem}

There is a song I love
someone singing of a girl
“She hates the sound that goodbyes make”, he says of her
I can deeply relate.
A goodbye is an ending
(the worst kind of ending there is)
Goodbyes eat at the hearts of even the strongest people
even if the person they miss isn’t gone long.
“Endings are sad”
everyone always says
“Endings are bad”;
& I can understand why it is said.
Once someone is
a part of your life for so long,
even a short time without them
makes it like a piece of you left when they did.
So, basically
endings suck. (sorry, mom)
Goodbyes are awful,
we can all agree.
However, there is one ending
I look forward to always
does that sound strange?
Let me explain.
This ending is rather a feeling that I get
when in your arms you hug me tight
this is the ending I most look forward to –
I simply call it: the end of missing you.