finite minds & infinite glory.

It seems as if eternal days
are far too short to sing His praise.
Oh, the love that sought me
oh, the blood that bought me
oh, the grace that brought me to the fold
of God.

In Tenderness – Citizens & Saints.

These are the lyrics to a song that always strike my heart as I sing them. I can never hum this song absent-mindedly or take its lyrics lightly. The words carry with them the weight of such truth that when those truths weigh on my heart I cannot help but loudly proclaim them with all of my voice.
Just recently, I have begun reading When I Don’t Desire God by John Piper. Oddly enough, I bought this book six months ago, but was occupied with other reading until I most recently got to a point where it was the book I most needed to read; so here I am (funny how God worked that out – He used my procrastination to encourage me & comfort me when He knew I would need it. What a marvelous Father we have).
In Chapter Two, Piper writes of desire & delight. He explains that we have a misconception of each word, & that we believe that a desire for something will give us delight once we get the thing. However, this is where we are wrong. For part of our delight is found in our anticipation of that which we so desire. Piper says that “the desire is part of the pleasure”(page 26); that the two are “inseparable”.
The point of me explaining all this (& probably rather poorly, I’ll admit. I apologize if I’ve spoken in circles) is that I am going to connect the words of the beautiful song that brings me to tears when I sing it & the book I have so desperately needed & have been reading.
Piper says on pages 27-28 of When I Don’t Desire God that “the difference between desire for God & delight in God is important mainly to make clear that finite creatures like us, who have a spiritual taste for the glory of God, will always want more of God than we presently experience – even in eternity. There will always be more of God to enjoy. Which means there will always be holy desire – forever…in the age to come, when we are perfected & have our resurrection bodies, the longings that remain will not be because sin is competing with God for our affections. Rather, the reason will be that finite minds cannot receive the fullness of infinite greatness and glory. It must be given in (glorious but manageable) increments every day for eternity.”

This is why eternal days [will be] far too short to sing His praise Рfor His glory is far too infinite, & that glory is far too much for our finite minds to comprehend.